Fruit Story II by Fantasy Puppet Theatre - Miracle Fun

2014-03-14 20:00 - 2014-03-30 19:00

Fruit Story II by Fantasy Puppet Theatre - Miracle Fun

When: 14-15 Mar Fri-Sat 20:00, 16 Mar Sun 16:30 2014
Where: Exhibition Gallery, Tuen Mun Town Hall

When: 21-22 Mar Fri-Sat 20:00, 23 Mar Sun 14:30/17:00 2014
Where: Exhibition Gallery, Tsuen Wan Town Hall

When: 28-29 Mar Fri-Sat 20:00, 30 Mar Sun 14:30/17:00 2014
Where: Exhibition Gallery, Sha Tin Town Hall

Fruit Story II Poster


The Seven Fruits experienced the joy and sorrow of life in all sorts, their friendship has grown further! However, Peach and Chestnut have entered the age for schooling, the Fruits have to be parted again! Pineapple misses her friends and is determined to visit them in the far and busy city, with Grape’s support. What will their adventure in the bustling city be like? Will they find their dear friends?


Fantasy Puppet Theatre
Fantasy Puppet Theatre founded in 2005, where the creation of story, puppets, music and puppet manipulation in the performances are all taken care by the troupe's members. Three members from diverse backgrounds, including a Taiwan's professional puppeteer, a local artist and an educator for children's art. The diversified backgrounds allowed the group to explore from different angles and enrich modern children puppet theatre’s possibilities and significance.

Fantasy Puppet Theatre is committed to produce puppet theatre work with "fantastical" spirit and style, thereby to provide children with a rich imagination element during their development and have a childhood full of fantasy!


Tips: Half-price tickets are available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients.


Internet Booking:
Credit Card Telephone Booking: 852-21115999
Ticketing Enquiries: 852-27349009
Programme Enquiries: 852-22687323/852-35203172


Tuen Mun Town Hall
Tickets: $110
Tel: 852-24504202
Add: 3 Tuen Hi Road, Tuen Mun, N.T. Hong Kong

Tsuen Wan Town Hall
Tickets: $110
Tel: 852-24140144
Add: 72 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

Sha Tin Town Hall
Tickets: $140
Tel: 852-26942509
Add: 1 Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin, N.T. Hong Kong


*Information provided by Leisure and Cultural Services Deparment. All Rights Reserved.

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