Romance at the Peach Blossom Lakeside - Hung Ka Po Cantonese Opera Troupe: Comic Male in Transvestite Role

2014-03-21 19:30 - 21:30

Romance at the Peach Blossom Lakeside - Hung Ka Po Cantonese Opera Troupe: Comic Male in Transvestite Role

When: 21 Mar 2014 Fri 19:30
Where: Auditorium, Tsuen Wan Town Hall

Comic Male in Transvestite Role Poster


Main Cast: Lung Koon-tin, Wan Fei-yin, Chan Hung-chun, Lui Hung-kwong, Cheng Wing-mui, Lai Yiu-wai

The Minister of Nanping's younger daughter, Cailuan, is of imperial descent but has a wild personality. The minister's elder daughter, Danfeng, has both literary and martial talent. The minister exchanges their identities so that Danfeng can be made crown princess.

Chan Hung-chun

Chan Hung-chun

One day, Danfeng encounters Jin when hunting eagles and they fall in love with each other. They exchange two arrows, one made of gold and the other silver, as tokens of engagement. Unfortunately, the empress dowager wants her nephew to marry Danfeng while the minister wants his daughter to marry a prince from the state of Shu. Danfeng sends a message to Jin arranging a rendezvous during the third watch, but Cailuan intercepts the message, changing the meeting time to the second watch. Jin departs in haste, leaving the silver arrow behind him, while Cailuan gets drunk and spends the night with the nephew of the empress dowager.

Having ascended to the throne, Danfeng wants to make Jin her husband. The three princes quarrel endlessly, each wanting to marry the empress. Presenting the silver arrow, Cailuan arrives before the three and claims that Jin has slept with her. Infuriated by the confusion, all parties concerned return to their own country and start a war. Defeated and wounded, Danfeng returns to her palace with the intention of committing suicide after she confronts Jin about his betrayal. Eventually they clear up the misunderstanding about the rendezvous and forget all past grudges. The minister finally arrives to reveal the identities of the sisters. Jin ends up marrying Danfeng and Cailuan marries the nephew of the empress dowager.


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