Funny Puppetry by Omar Alvarez Titeres Puppetry Arts Company (Argentina) - Miracle Fun

2014-04-04 19:30 - 2014-04-06 18:30

Funny Puppetry by Omar Alvarez Titeres Puppetry Arts Company (Argentina) - Miracle Fun

When: 4 Apr 2014 Fri 19:30
Where: Cultural Activities Hall, Tsuen Wan Town Hall

When: 5 Apr 2014 Sat 16:30/19:30
Where: Auditorium, North District Town Hall

When: 6 Apr 2014 Sun 17:00
Where: Auditorium, Tai Po Civic Centre

Funny Puppetry Poster


Funny Puppetry is a creative and funny family variety show in tribute to the traditional art of puppetry and its greatest creators. This magical performance will lead audience to a fascinating puppetry mime which involves original body puppets, shadow puppets, dance, music and magical objects that creates short stories and simple characters which are made by colourful fabrics, cardboards and feathers. The characters will bring laughter, love, humour and surprise to audience and display the magical attraction of theatre.

Funny Puppetry Still

Omar Alvarez Titeres Puppetry Arts Company
In 1987, Omar Alvarez Titeres Puppetry Arts Company was founded in Argentina. The company aims to develop puppetry arts in Argentina and to pursue the highest level of aesthetic in puppetry. The company is famous for its innovative elements and has invited Argentina’s famous actors, Alfredo Alcon and Norma Aleandro to participant in some of their performances. Moreover, the company has created several international productions and has put a lot of efforts to develop puppetry arts at its own theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the same time.

The company represents the Argentinean culture on stage, and its production has been performed in more than seven languages around the world including Canada, USA, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Poland, Israel, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela. The company earned recognition from audiences, media and critics all over the world by receiving over thirty national and international awards.

Funny Puppetry Still

Tips: Half-price tickets are available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, full-time students and Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients.


Internet Booking:
Credit Card Telephone Booking: 852-21115999
Ticketing Enquiries: 852-27349009
Programme Enquiries: 852-22687323


Tsuen Wan Town Hall
Tickets: $180
Tel: 852-24140144
Add: 72 Tai Ho Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

North District Town Hall
Tickets: $160/130
Tel: 852-26714400
Add: 2 Lung Wan Street, Sheung Shui, New Territories, Hong Kong

Tai Po Civic Centre
Tickets: $180/150/130
Tel: 852-26654477
Add: 12 On Pong Road, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Leisure and Cultural Services Deparment. All Rights Reserved.

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