Scenes of Yan'an and A Page of History - 100 Must-See Hong Kong Movies

2014-02-15 19:00 - 19:48

Scenes of Yan'an and A Page of History - 100 Must-See Hong Kong Movies

When: 15 Feb 2014 Sat 19:00
Where: Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

Scenes of Yan'an Still

Scenes of Yan'an Still


Scenes of Yan'an
Scenes of Yan'an (aka On the Northwest Line) is the first film in which Hong Kong film makers were authorised to shoot in the headquarters of the Chinese Communists. The crew from Hong Kong entered Yan'an via Hankou and Xi'an with assistance from the Hankou Eighth Route Army. They recorded scenes of Mao Zedong and Zhu De commanding and training troops in Xi'an. The film also covered the life of people in Lu Xun Art Academy and Shanbei Public School.

Despite being a short film, this is an important record of Yan'an as the capital of Communist Revolution. It also reflects the patriotism of Lin Cang, Xu Tianxiang and Jin Kun, who were part of the young production crew. The film was not screened publicly until June 1941. This film was donated to the Hong Kong Film Archive by Ms. Dolores Wang, daughter of the deceased Mr. Wang Man-chi, who once risked his life to preserve it.


Dirs/Scrs: Lam Tsong, Tsui Tin-cheung
Aka: On the Northwest Line
1938/B&W/D Beta/Silent/14min
Live music accompaniment: Wong Yan-kwai and friends

A Page of History Still

A Page of History Still

A Page of History
This invaluable documentary shot by Lai Man-wai shows Dr. Sun Yat-sen leading the Chinese revolution in the 1920s, climaxing in the Northern Expedition, an attempt to rid China of its warlords and unify the country. The deteriorated version of the film had been kept by Lai's descendants until the 1970s. After a restoration effort, 34 minutes of footage was salvaged, only to be lost later. It was rediscovered by Lai's sixth son Lai Shek and donated to the Hong Kong Film Archive. For this new print, some shots have been replaced by better quality images discovered in recent years.


Prod/Ed: Lai Man-wai
Pho: Lai Man-wai, Lo Wing-cheung, Liang Linguang
1941/B&W/D Beta/Mandarin/Chi & Eng Subtitles/34min (incomplete)


*Post-screening talk with Lai Shek.


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