Andreas Kern(安德雷斯·克恩)

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Andreas Kern(安德雷斯·克恩)

Andreas Kern(安德雷斯·克恩)

安德雷斯·克恩曾获多个国际及德国音乐奖项,并曾于世界各地表演,包括其祖家德国、南非、香港、日本及印度。他致力以非传统的形式推广古典音乐,为此他与法德艺术电视台Arte合作制作音乐节目Arte Lounge,并为节目主持人。他亦曾获邀担任德国及南非多个音乐节的艺术总监。

Andreas Kern is an accomplished pianist with several national and international accolades under his belt. He has given recitals in Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan and India. Keen to present classical music in nconventional ways, he has created and co-hosts the widely successful Arte Lounge for the French-German TV channel Arte. He has also been appointed artistic director of music festivals in Germany and South Africa.

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