When Bianzhong meets Organ - 2014 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

2014-02-28 19:30 - 21:00

When Bianzhong meets Organ - 2014 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

When: 28 Feb 2014 Fri 19:30
Where: National Theater Concert Hall - National Concert Hall

YAN Hui-chang

YAN Hui-chang


The Grandest Assembly of Sounds Produced When the East Encounters the West, Ancient Instruments Resound after 2400 Years, Competition between Two Kings of Instruments. For When Bianzhong meets Organ, the Chinese Chime-bells Orchestra of Hubei, which is particularly experienced with ancient Chinese chime-bell music, was asked by the NCO to ship a replica of the Zenghouyi Bells which include 65 bronze chime-bells and weigh over 6 tons from Hubei. The original set was made over 2400 years ago, and prevailed until the Qin Dynasty.

With its 5 and 1/2 octave range and 12 semitones, the set is capable of playing all same notes as a modern piano. With the bodies of the bells decorated with patterns of humans, beasts, dragons, phoenix, flowers, and geometrical shapes made by the methods of freestanding, relief, seal engraving, and painting, the set showcases the crafts and aesthetics of ancient China and has been acclaimed as "the Eighth Wonder of the World".

Works of renowned composers of Taiwan, Germany, and China will be performed in this concert. Nan-Chang Chien, winner of the National Award for Arts and the "Best Composer" of the Golden Melody Awards, was commissioned to write a new piece for Bianzhong and Chinese orchestra, which will be joined by the hugest organ in Taiwan, located at the NTCH. Yi-Yu Wang was commissioned to write a new large-scaled piece for organ, Bianzhong, and Chinese orchestra, conducted by principal quest conductor YAN Hui-chang.

Chinese Chime-bells Orchestra of Hubei

Chinese Chime-bells Orchestra of Hubei

Conductor: YAN Hui-chang
NCO / Chinese Chime-bells Orchestra of Hubei


Dance or Program
Nan-Chang Chien: Overture (World Premiere)
J. HOWARD: Making War, Seeking Peace (Taiwan Premiere)
J. P. TANG: Imprints of Ancient Chu
Y. K. CHUNG: Seeking for Solo Guan, Bianzhong and Bowed String Instruments
R. ZOLLITSCH: Resounding Chimes (Taiwan Premiere)
Y. Y. WANG: Majestic Demeanour: For Bianzhong and Organ (commissioned work, World Premiere)


Theatrical Troupe
The NCO is the national orchestra composed of celebrated musicians of Chinese music in Taiwan. Based in Taiwan, they are devoted to playing traditional Chinese music, while blending contemporary elements into their playing at the same time. Through their compositions, the NCO reveals the fundamentals of Taiwanese traditional music. They build up a unique aesthetics of Taiwan with their performances.

The Chinese Chime-bells Orchestra of Hubei is affiliated with the Hubei Provincial Opera and Dance Drama Theatre. It is a professional performing arts troupe specializing in composing, research, and performing ancient Chinese chime-bells music and the ethnic music of China.


Tips: Approx. 90 minutes with an intermission. Recording Date: 28 Feb 2014 (Fri).


Price: NTD 500 / 700 / 900 / 1200 / 1500
Add: 21-1 Chung-Shan S. Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Official Website: NCO


*Information provided by Taiwan International Festival of Arts


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