Lo Còr de la Plana - 2014 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

2014-03-07 19:30 - 2014-03-08 20:35

Lo Còr de la Plana - 2014 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

When: 7 - 8 Mar 2014 Fri - Sat 19:30
Where: National Theater Concert Hall - Recital Hall

Lo Còr de la Plana


Anchored in the old Occitan language, the musical universe of Lo Còr de la Plana is built with the enduring polyphonic texture, and shines with all sorts of modern inspirations, including rock, reggae, and electronic music. These vocalists are also percussionists, who together deliver a style both unique and unrestrained, conveying the vigor of the common people, and agitating the listeners to dance. Lo Còr de la Plana is within the Mediterranean tradition, yet much beyond it.

Lo Còr de la Plana

Voices and percussion - whatever can produce the beat, tambourine, darbuka, hands, feet, skin - are used in the minimal rudimentary ritual of performance. The music Lo Còr de la Plana creates export is raw and fierce, sometimes dissonant, bursting energy like a modern day jam session.

Marseille based Lo Còr de la Plana is a choir with five male singers. Since its establishment in 2001, they have kept reinventing meridional vocality, conveying archaic Mediterranean sounds contain themes to do with the land and tradition. With percussion instruments as the sole accompaniment, their performances always elicit unlimited imagination and tension. Winner of 2005 Prix SACEM des musiques du monde.


Tips: Approx. 65 minutes without intermission.


Price: NTD 400 / 500
Tel: 886-2-33939888
Add: 21-1 Chung-Shan S. Road, Taipei, Taiwan


*Information provided by Taiwan International Festival of Arts


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