Ara Kimbo Power in Me: Sing with Ara Kimbo - 2014 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

2014-02-21 19:30 - 21:20

Ara Kimbo Power in Me: Sing with Ara Kimbo - 2014 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

When: 21 Feb 2014 Fri 19:30
Where: National Theater Concert Hall - National Concert Hall

Ara Kimbo


"I am Just a Man Who Cultivates Songs", Said Kimbo, Kimbo's Low and Deep Sound, Manifests the Soul of Mt. Tawu, Taitung as Well as Praise of Life.

Highlights of Ara Kimbo's career in almost past four decades are presented in this concert through traditional folk songs, campus folk songs, and blues songs. This concert is separated into four sections. Sing Our Own Songs: Picturesque Rice Ears, Cultivate Songs: Tribute to Shuang-Tse Li, Blues of Mt. Tawu, and Staring at the Sea: the Wind Blowing on the Pacific, all of which which include music from different ages in order to depict Kimbo's perspectives on music and life. Several renowned musicians, such as Samingad, Baobu Badulu, Sheng Xiang Lin, MATZUKA, Pawpaw, and others are attending, which makes this concert more highly anticipated.

Ara Kimbo, descendent of Pinuyumayan and Payuan tribes, is well-known for his enthusiasm for life and for his devoutness for nature. He started his music-writing after he was challenged by Shuang-Tse Li to sing his own songs. His voice has been hailed as “the most beautiful sound in Taiwan” by Hsun Chiang. Kimbo's first album was released in 2005. He has also garnered the “Best Lyricist” and “Best Song of the Year” awards from the Golden Melody Awards, the “Best Artist for Jazz & Blues” from the Chinese Music Media Awards, and others. Kimbo was invited to join Cloud Gate's spring performance in 2006. He will hold his first concert at the NTCH to convey his life story through music in 2014.

Ara Kimbo

approx. 110 minutes with an intermission.


Recording Date: 2/21 (Fri.)


Price: NTD500/800/1200/1600/2000/2500
Tel: 886-2-33939888
Add: 21-1 Chung-Shan S. Road, Taipei, Taiwan


*Information provided by Taiwan International Festival of Arts


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