Home Coming

2014-01-28 19:00 - 2014-02-15 20:30

Home Coming

When: January 28 - February 15, 2014
Where: Goethe-Gallery
Opening: January 28, 2014 Tuesday 19:00

Home Coming

In two weeks' time it will be the Chinese New Year, and three days prior to entering the Year of the Horse, Goethe-Institut Hongkong is pleased to open a photo exhibition titled "Home Coming" by Hong Kong-based German architect Christiane Lange in the Goethe-Gallery. The exhibition originates from a book with the same title that presents works by an emerging generation of architects who design compelling alternatives to China's rapid urbanization between tradition and the future. The launching of the book will take place at the same time as the exhibition opening, when the artist and editors of the book will be present to talk about their research and results.

Home Coming

According to the three editors of the book Christiane Lange, Joshua Bolchover and John Lin, the title "Home Coming" bears multiple meanings for the featured architects. For some, "homecoming" is returning back to China after they have studied and lived abroad. Others understand working with the rural as "coming home" to discover their ancestors and traditional roots. Some may also refer to personal memories and perceptions they have of the Chinese countryside.


The Goethe-Gallery closed on 31.1. and 3.2.2014 during the Chinese New Year.


Opening Hours: 10:00am - 8:30pm (Mon - Fri)/1:00pm - 6:00pm (Sat)
Add: 4/F Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai


*Information provided by the Goethe-Institut Hongkong

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