Mitra Farahani(米特拉·法拉哈尼)



伊朗导演、画家。米特拉·法拉哈尼出生在德黑兰,现于巴黎生活。在伊朗时,她攻读的是绘画专业,搬到巴黎后,她开始学习影像专业。其第一部纪录片短片《Just a Woman》曾获2001届柏林电影节泰迪熊奖,两部剧情片纪录片《Tabous - Zohre & Manouchehr》(2004)和《快乐来自心底》(2013)都曾在柏林国际电影节全景单元首映。2007年米特拉·法拉哈尼的纪录片《Behdjat Sadr: Suspended Time》将镜头对准一位抽象主义派的先锋画家。而她的绘画作品也同其电影作品一样追求写实题材。


Mitra Farahani

Mitra Farahani

Iran. Iranian filmmaker and painter Mitra Farahani was born in Teheran and now lives in Paris. She studied graphic art and painting in Iran before taking courses in video studies in France. Her first documentary short film Just a Woman won the Teddy Award at the 2001 Berlinale. Tabous - Zohre & Manouchehr (2004) and Fifi Howls from Happiness (2013), two feature documentaries, were each premiered in the Panorama section of the Berlin International Film Festival. In 2007, her documentary Behdjat Sadr: Suspended Time portrayed one of the pioneers of Abstract Expressionist painting in Iran. In parallel, Mitra Farahani's painting works pursue the same issue of realism that she deals with in her cinema works.   


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