Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company: I See You, Mr. Fox - 2014 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

2014-03-06 19:30 - 2014-03-09 17:20

Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company: I See You, Mr. Fox - 2014 Taiwan International Festival of Arts

When: 6 - 8 Mar 2014 Thu - Sat 19:30, 9 Mar 2014 Sun 14:30
Where: National Theater Concert Hall

 I See You, Mr. Fox still


I See You, Mr. Fox is an innovating Taiwanese opera, presenting the illusion of love through the traditional glamorous settings and renovated narration techniques.

In the age when men and women were strictly forbidden to have physical contact with each other, how many people have tried to fulfill their sexual fantasies through dramas on stage? How many fox fairies have transformed themselves into beautiful girls and sneaked into young men's dream, trying to seduce them? The wicked side has always been an essential part of the traditional Taiwanese opera. Now in I SEE YOU, Mr. Fox, Golden Bell Award winners SHIH Ju-fang (scriptwriter) and KO Tsung-ming (director) collaborate to transform the fox fairy into a man to seduce other people's wives. The Taiwanese opera king and queen, TANG Mei-yun and HSU Hsiu-nian, once again work together to play “wicked” on the stage. Underneath the flirtatious romance between a human being and a fox fairy, this production tries to tease the sensitive nerves of sensuality and to challenge the bottom line of freedom in the modern Taiwanese opera.

 I See You, Mr. Fox still

TANG Mei-yun
TANG Mei-yun grows up in a family of Taiwanese opera artists and has learned the traditional performing arts since childhood. With her solid training in both acting and singing, TANG fully demonstrates the beauty of native language and music. Upholding the principle of innovating while carrying on the tradition, she creates the Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company, aiming to recruit outstanding performers in Taiwanese opera, to cultivate performers and creators in the younger generation, to glorify the beauty of the traditional Taiwanese opera, and to set models for performances. In addition to traditional theater, Tang also involves in the TV productions and film-making, and has been selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Women and awarded the Television Golden Bell Award. In 2012, she won the National Award for Arts.


Tips: Approx. 170 minutes with an intermission. Performed in Taiwanese with Chinese surtitles.


Price: NTD 500 / 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000 / 2600 / 3200
Tel: 886-2-33939888
Add: 21-1 Chung-Shan S. Road, Taipei, Taiwan
Official Website: Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera


*Information provided by Taiwan International Festival of Arts


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