Bryn Cohn and Artists(布琳·科恩舞团)

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Bryn Cohn and Artists(布琳·科恩舞团)

 Aaron McGloin and Kathy Van Dereedt

Photo: Jaqi Medlock

纽约布琳·科恩舞团(Bryn Cohn and Artists)成立于2011年,布琳·科恩(Bryn Cohn)任舞团艺术总监和编舞,舞者协作模式独特。舞团作品旨在探寻身体与思想叠加空间的极限,通过富含抽象语言与现实意义的舞蹈作品来激发观者想象。


布琳·科恩舞团曾在摩斯·康宁汉姆剧院、纽约交响乐空间、艾利花旗剧院、耶德逊纪念教堂、纽约92nd Street Y、布鲁克林艺术交流中心、迪克逊空间、巴鲁表演艺术中心、曼哈顿运动艺术中心、Triskelion艺术中心、Peridance学校和约翰·莱恩剧院等多处场馆有过演出。舞团还曾受邀到Reverb、WestFest、Split Bill Series、Stuffed、Pentacle's Fall Farther、Upstart、Underexposed、Dumbo、Greenline、Cool、NYC 10和Young Choreographers等舞蹈节进行演出。2014年2月舞团在西雅图举行演出,并在Chop Shop现代舞蹈节上举办大师班活动,此外他们还将参与在阿博隆斯艺术中心The Field内开展的Emerging Arts项目。目前布琳·科恩舞团是五芒星舞蹈公司艺廊的驻场舞团。


Bryn Cohn and Artists


Founded in 2011, Bryn Cohn and Artists is a New York based contemporary dance company comprised of unique collaborative artists. Our mission is to produce dance that constructs worlds of abstraction, reality, risk, and fantasy by investigating the edges of physical and imaginative boundaries.

Dynamic and rich vocabulary serves as a vehicle for us to recognize the person within the performer, and the intimacy that unfolds from a fierce commitment to a comprehensive experience we create onstage. Emotionally provocative choreography explores the body as a vessel capable of virtuosity and finite detail through the juxtaposition and weaving of a wide qualitative range. The work integrates acute technical clarity within intricate physicality, deep insight from simple gestural idioms, and new methodologies as to how the body can speak in the most authentic of ways. Inspired by interdisciplinary practice, artistic director Bryn Cohn builds an orchestration of invention, rhythmic play and drama in the journeys she takes the audience on, encouraging us to question what we know and transports us to the places where we do not.

ryn Cohn and Artists has shown work at Merce Cunningham Theater, Symphony Space, Ailey Citigroup Theater, Judson Memorial Church, 92nd Street Y, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Dixon Place, Baruch Performing Arts Center, Manhattan Movement Arts, Triskelion Arts, Peridance and John Ryan Theater among others. The company has been invited to perform in Reverb, WestFest, Split Bill Series, Stuffed, Pentacle’s Fall Farther, Upstart, Underexposed, :pushing progress, Dumbo, Greenline, Cool, NYC 10 and Young Choreographers dance festivals. The company will be traveling to Seattle in February to perform and teach master classes as part of Chop Shop: Bodies of Work, and is presenting work as part of the Emerging Arts Program through The Field at Abrons Arts Center. Bryn Cohn and Artists is currently represented in the Gallery by Pentacle Danceworks Inc.

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