Julia Cross(朱莉亚·卡洛斯)

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Julia Cross(朱莉亚·卡洛斯)

Julia Cross(朱莉亚·卡洛斯)

朱莉亚·卡洛斯,舞蹈表演者、教师、编舞、旅行家,洛杉矶人,现居西雅图。2010年以优异成绩毕业于科尼什艺术学院,之后在布鲁塞尔PARTS、维也纳ImPulsTanz与美国舞蹈艺术节继续深造。纽约Robert Battle/Battleworks工作室驻场舞者,为纽约沈伟舞蹈艺术团创作,还是以色列基布兹当代舞蹈团学徒。目前她负责运作The YC舞蹈团,还是Britt Karhoff与安娜·康纳舞团的驻场舞者。


Julia Cross


Collaborator Julia is a performer/teacher/mover/groover/traveler from Los Angeles, CA who now calls Seattle home. In 2010, she graduated cum laude from Cornish College of the Arts, then continued her studies at PARTS (Brussels), ImPulsTanz (Vienna), and The American Dance Festival (US). Residencies, projects and apprenticeships she has been a part of include Robert Battle/Battleworks (NY), Shen Wei Dance Arts (NY) and the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (Israel). Julia is currently managing The YC and dancing with Britt Karhoff and Anna Conner + CO.


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