Nuno Rodrigues

Nuno Rodrigues

Nuno Rodrigues

Nuno Rodrigues,葡萄牙策展人、节目策划人,葡萄牙维拉杜康德短片电影节艺术总监及联合创始人。1999年,他创办葡萄牙短片电影机构Agência,目前他是董事会成员,并负责葡萄牙短片在国际市场的发行与推广。从2005年开始,Nuno Rodrigues一直在Solar画廊担任总监,策划了许多展览。近年来,他还忙于做电影制片人,并于2013年开始担任负责欧洲电影发行及推广的网站——Short Circuit的副主席。


Nuno Rodrigues (Portugal)


Curator and festival programmer Nuno Rodrigues is a co-founder and the artistic director of the Portuguese film festival Curtas Vila do Conde. In 1999, he founded Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency, where he is now a member of the board of directors, and handles the promotion and distribution of Portuguese short films on international markets. Since 2005 he has been the director and coordinator of the Solar Gallery in Vila do Conde, where he has curated numerous exhibits. In recent years, he has also been active as a film producer, and in 2013 he became vice president of Short Circuit, a network for film and video art distribution in Europe.

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