Zajia lab Film Platform: The Blinding Sun

2014-02-19 19:00 - 21:00

Zajia lab Film Platform: The Blinding Sun

When: 19th, Feb, 2014 Wendesday 19:00
Where: zajia lab

The Blinding Sun


This story happens in the southern part of Beijing. Lee, the motor-taxi driver's and his family live in a dilapidated tenement yard. His disobliging sister always asks him for the relocation about the tenement yard and urges her brother's family to repay the money. Lee works hard all his day to support his son called kai for studying in the vocational school, the grandpa has to gather the waste products and sell the groceries for subsidizing the family. Lee's family is the dole-drawers, the monthly allowance can not maintain the everyday's expenses. So, Lee has to take the old whoremaster for the prostitute in the "city village" besides driving the motor-taxi. The director of the sub-district office repeals lee's dole-drawers after knowing the truth. Lee has to be busy running about obtaining his rights between the sub-district office and neighborhood committee. His son, Kai met the massager called Na, he falls in love with her, but they have to apart at last because Lai could not feed her as she expects.

Kai's classmate, named Er Dong, a bad boy whose father is the lecherous principal, frames a case against Kai that he had stolen the monitor's cell phone. The teacher always looks upon on Kai, he denounces Kai without any investigation and gives a slap on Kai's face. Kai hit the teacher with a brick in great impulsion and the principal dismissed Kai. Because of this, Lee has to beg the principal for retraining the punishment on Kai, besides, Lee has to offer a bribe for his son. At last, grandpa passed away quietly, lee was arrested by the police because of the prostitute's tip-offs. Kai stands lonely on the rooftop of his dilapidated house, sees the blinding sunlight and hears the cockcrow…

The Blinding Sun

Director's Words
The movie tells us the real lives of those people who live in the southern part of Beijing. Lee and his family have to maintain their lives helplessly and forcefully. The movie reveals the incomplete Chinese educational system and China's social insurance. Lee is only a nobody, this movie draws the outline of the real lives by charactering the nonentities. These nonentities all live their lives hard and reluctantly, the same as others, but they have different feelings and life experiences even under the same sunshine. The sunshine is warm, but blinding, and the loneliness in their deep hearts is perpetual.


Ticket: 20RMB
Tel: 010-84049141
Add: No.23 Doufuchi Hutong, old Gulou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


*Information provided by zajia lab


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