International Programmes - Freespace Fest 2013

2013-12-14 15:00 - 2013-12-15 21:00

International Programmes - Freespace Fest 2013

When: Dec 14-15 2013 Sat-Sun 15:00
Where: West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade 

International Programmes


The international programme for Freespace Fest 2013 invites in new artistic forms to the programme aligned with a focus on local interaction, offering a banquet of highly skilled performances that leave their mark beyond the Festival weekend.

We welcome performers from Australia, England and Singapore, mixing it up with the local artists across the weekend and in the lead up to the Festival in workshop programmes. Audiences can actively engage or just be entertained, in our approach this year of getting up close, and getting involved in the art of performing outdoors.

We are excited to premiere at the Festival, our first new collaborative production, "Compartmentalized" supported by Hong Kong and Australia, a show created with Stalker Theatre (who brought you Elevate at last year's Festival) and locally based company Unlock Dancing Plaza. This sharing of cultural and artistic language and skills is an exciting inroad into the creation of new outdoor work and placing Hong Kong on the international map for new contemporary outdoor performance.

All of the international groups represent collectives of independent artists brought together for special projects, as opposed to established companies, representing high level, diverse skills and new interactive outdoor applications of theatrical form.

Circus skills are presented by a selection of Australia's most exciting aerial artists, curated by Strut n Fret, one of Australia's innovative production houses of shows and events, specialising in this field. You will have the opportunity to have an up close and intimate view of the extraordinary skills of this artistry; Superfly Monkey Dragons from Singapore bring together some of the best parkour artists from the region and a highly acclaimed master from UK, working alongside local Hong Kong parkour specialists, to amaze and thrill you with their agility and skills; Forest Fringe will be staying on the ground, gathering masses, making films on the run and creating comic relief, where you can have your dream turned into a film, made at the Festival, with you starring in it. These short films will then go into public domain after the Festival. In the lead up they will lead a workshop for local art and creative media students to create a film crew and you, the audience will have an opportunity for your 15 minutes of fame.

The presentation of the international work in Freespace Fest represents a celebration of current contemporary artists who challenge their bodies and minds, in the elements, taking risks. They are not shiny and spectacular in scale, but rich in ideas, skills and accessibility, contributing to West Kowloon's exciting new arts precinct - a world of possibility and freedom.

Virginia Hyam

Virginia Hyam

Virginia Hyam
Virginia Hyam has a strong background in establishing multidisciplinary programmes. Her career has spanned from working with youth-focused and community projects, directing Melbourne Fringe Festival and programming at the Sydney Opera House. There she initiated a range of projects across all scales and disciplines, successfully attracting new audiences and platforming artists to new levels of recognition.

She currently works as a freelance Producer-Curator-Arts Consultant with an eclectic mix of projects, which reflect her broad interests and philosophical intent, as an arts worker. A key focus of her work is curatorial leadership and the development and production of contemporary performance and events. The breadth of projects she has worked on span from intimate to large scale outdoors, connecting local audiences to a contemporary global view with a specific interest in offering accessible inroads, building community engagement and programme identity. Through extensive international travel, residencies and collaborative projects, she has established broad global networks and an awareness of contemporary initiatives and projects.


Programme Schedule
The Line by Strut & Fret #1 (Dec 14-15 2013 Sat-Sun 15:30-15:50, Contemporary Circus)
Contemporary Circus Workshop (Dec 14-15 2013 Sat-Sun 16:20-17:20, Contemporary Circus)
The Line by Strut & Fret #2 (Dec 14-15 2013 Sat-Sun 18:55-19:15, Contemporary Circus)
Forest Fringe Will Make All Your Dreams Come True (Dec 14-15 2013 Sat-Sun 15:00-21:00, Roving)


*Free, Register online
*E-ticket is only valid for one day on either 14 or 15 December
*Entry will be based on a first-come, first-served basis


Tel: 852-22000217
Add: West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, Hong Kong


*Information provided by West Kowloon Cultural District Authority


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