Billy Cowie(比利·卡维)

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Billy Cowie(比利·卡维)

Billy Cowie(比利·卡维)

Billy Cowie(比利·卡维),爱尔兰编舞家、电影导演、作曲家及作家,专注于舞蹈/剧场演出、screen dance及装置。他(与Liz Aggiss合作)曾为经常作欧洲巡回表演的Divas Dance Theatre演出超过20场,同时他亦完成了BBC Dance for Camera和英国电视四台(Channel 4)分别委约的放影计划。 Routledge于2006年出版关于他的作品《Anarchic Dance》的同名著作,Old Street于2008年出版比利的首本小说《Passenger》。

比利曾为Marie McLaughlin、Nicola Hall、Gerard McChrystal、Daphne Scott-Sawyer、Juliet Russell、Rowan Godel、Pammjit Pammi及Naomi Itami各类创作人作曲,并为电影导演Tony Palmer、Chris Rodley、Stephen Frears及Bob Bentley作配乐。过去他为英国广播公司(BBC)电台的三个项目《The Tempest》、Philip Pullman(与David Hunter合作)导演的《Dark Materials Trilogy》及(Pam Marshall导演的)《Thinking Earth》创作音乐。

比利现为英国布莱顿大学(the University of Brighton)的首席研究员(Principal Research Fellow)。

他的立体影像装置作品在2010年将于British Dance Edition Birmingham、Caravan Brighton Festival、TPAM Tokyo、Tanzmesse Düsseldorf、Cinedans Amsterdam等各地展出。

Billy Cowie

Billy Cowie, Irish choreographer, film director, composer and author, works principally in the area of dance/theatre performance, screen dance and installation. He has made over twenty live performance pieces (in collaboration with Liz Aggiss) for the company Divas Dance Theatre which has toured Europe extensively and completed screen projects commissioned by BBC Dance for Camera and Channel 4 respectively. He has created commissioned work for 'Extemporary Dance Theatre',' Mantis', 'Transitions', 'Intoto', 'Carousel' and 'Hi Spin'. A book about the work 'Anarchic Dance' was published by Routledge in 2006 and his first novel Passenger was published by Old Street in 2008.

Billy Cowie has composed music performed by Marie McLaughlin, Nicola Hall, Gerard McChrystal, Daphne Scott-Sawyer, Juliet Russell, Rowan Godel, Pammjit Pammi and Naomi Itami. He has composed music for three BBC Radio projects: 'The Tempest', Philip Pullman's 'Dark Materials Trilogy' (both dir by David Hunter) and Thinking Earth (dir Pam Marshall). He has also composed music for film directors Tony Palmer, Chris Rodley, Stephen Frears and Bob Bentley.

He is currently Principal Research Fellow at the University of Brighton.

His 3D installations will be seen in 2010 at British Dance Edition Birmingham, Caravan Brighton Festival, TPAM Tokyo, Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, Cinedans Amsterdam.

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