Colin Fournier

Colin Fournier

Colin Fournier

Colin Fournier是伦敦大学学院巴特利特建筑学院首席研究员兼该校建筑及城市规划系名誉教授、香港中文大学客席教授、香港深圳城市/建筑双城双年展的港方总策展人。他曾参与奥地利、法国、中东等全球多地的建筑、城规项目,较近期的作品有为2013年里斯本建筑三年展而创作的「Open Cinema」。


Colin Fournier


Colin Fournier is Emeritus Professor of Architecture and Urbanism and Principal Research Fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL); Visiting Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong; and Chief Curator for Hong Kong of the Urbanism and Architecture Bi-city Biennale Hong Kong/Shenzhen. He has undertaken architecture and urban design projects in Austria, France, the Middle East and other countries. The most recent was his Open Cinema in, Portugal, an Associated Project of the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

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