Olivier Bastin

Olivier Bastin

Olivier Bastin

Olivier Bastin于1989年与合伙人创办了L'Escaut Architectures事务所,让建筑师和艺术家能够在充满社会文化气息的氛围里交流经验。他在1994年开始任教于布鲁塞尔自由大学建筑学院,而在2009年起出任布鲁塞尔首都区的首席建筑师。Bastin的作品曾夺得或获提名角逐多项重要国际建筑奖项,而他的得意之作包括Victor Jara文化中心和Ursulines滑板公园。


Olivier Bastin


Belgian architect Olivier Bastin co-founded L'Escaut Architectures - a place where artists and architects can exchange practices in a social and cultural ambiance - in 1989. He has taught in the Architecture Faculty of the University ULB La Cambre Horta since 1994, and he became the Chief Architect of the Brussels Region in 2009. His projects have won or been nominated for a number of major architectural honours. The major ones include the Victor Jara Hall and the Ursulines Skating Park.

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