《Santra与会说话的树》Santra and the Talking Trees




“传统是表达爱的一种形式。”导演Miia Tervo总结了她搜索的偏远世界中各代人之间的联系。Tervo,一个年轻的现代女性,花了几年时间到遥远的地方旅行,那些地方的人们都很珍惜自己的传统,Tervo在一个土著卡累利阿地区结束了旅行,这个地方在芬兰与俄罗斯之间的交接边界。Tervo在那里遇到了一个年老传统的妇女Santra,Santra与卡累利阿的文化祖先能取得联系。在这个好玩的电影随记中,Tervo向Santra表达了敬意,Santra就像Tervo的奶奶一样,Tervo在一次芬兰语言教师会议中这样介绍她:“一个能与祖先取得联系的活体”。导演还使用动画和棕褐色的旧影片效果穿插在影片中。在桑拿浴室的影片场景中,还展示了Santra干瘪的身体,在这裸体的荣耀里,就像一个建筑纪念碑处在倒塌的危险之中。该纪录片也是关于一棵树的故事,Tervo这样感叹道:“我羡慕所有的树,因为他们有根。”


导演:Miia Tervo
摄影:Sini Liimatainen、Miia Tervo
剪辑:Kristiina Karsten
录音:Yrjö Saarinen
动画:Ami Lindholm
制片:Cilla Werning


Santra and the Talking Trees

Santra and the Talking Trees

"Traditions are a form of love," filmmaker Miia Tervo concludes as she searches for connections between the generations in an alienated world. A young, modern woman who has spent years traveling to faraway places where people cherish their traditions, Tervo ends up in her native Karelia region, in the borderland between Finland and Russia. Here, Tervo meets Santra, an elderly and traditional woman who puts her in touch with the Karelian culture of their ancestors. In this playful film essay, Tervo pays homage to Santra, who acts as a kind of surrogate grandmother to her and is introduced at a meeting of Finnish language teachers as "a living link to our ancient culture." The filmmaker intersperses this portrait with short animated sequences and nostalgic, sepia-colored archive footage. In the sauna, Tervo shows Santra’s wizened body in all its naked glory, like an architectural monument in danger of collapsing. Or a tree of stories, to which Tervo sighs, "I envied all trees because they had roots."


Director: Miia Tervo
Cinematography: Sini Liimatainen, Miia Tervo
Editing: Kristiina Karsten
Sound: Yrjö Saarinen
Animation: Ami Lindholm
Finland, 2013, color / black and white, DCP, 25'

Cilla Werning for For Real Productions


2013阿姆斯特丹国际纪录片电影节(IDFA 2013)


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