《GIF微动画系列》GIF micro-animation



《GIF微动画系列》GIF micro-animation





GIF micro-animation


The newly developed GIF is a dynamite format micro-animation which is mostly seen through new media such as Internet, micro-blog and Wechat .GIF can be defined as both picture and animation. A GIF can be a micro-animation last only for a few minutes or an animation video last for hours or longer, which makes it a perfect platform to communicate with the audience.

 The length of a GIF totally depends on the taste of the audience. The GIF will loop over and over again if the audience don't turn it off. This peculiar character makes GIF all different from other kinds of media.GIF's compactness makes it a low-carbon file which costs little money to produce and takes little time to upload and download. GIF is against all odds to choose the Network media as a first battle when blockbuster is so prevail. Instead of investigating money and labor , GIF focus more on discussing hot topics and spreading democracy in order to express its own idea and conception of art. This quality is exactly what is missing in the modern art now days.

 In this respect, GIF is micro but strong.GIF has been long used in the field of Internet and Commercial, but it's rarely used in the art making in China. Fortunately, I have noticed its potential and I have put it in good use in art making for quite a long time. My plan is to release 2 pieces of work per week, and this plan will firstly be practiced on the Internet. I will relate my works to the newly happened events and by this way expressing my own ideas and thoughts. The reason I sighed up for this year's China Independent Animation Film Forum is that I want to break the old pattern of film making and film displaying. I want to use the power of new media to show you what film is all about.

The traditional film festivals in China is inflexible and the film is displayed in a fixed length of time.But my GIF film is dynamite and the length of GIF is decided by the audience.This means, my GIF is picture and animation, momentary and eternal. Plus, the most attractive character is the audience can communicate and interact with it.


“响动”2013!-第二届中国独立动画电影论坛(Rattle & Hum 2013 - China independent animation film forum)

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