Bart Van der Schueren

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Bart Van der Schueren

Bart Van der Schueren

1990年,Bart Van der Schueren在比利时鲁汶天主教大学获得机械工程学硕士学位,随后留在母校新成立的3D打印公司Materialise出任实验室助理,协助开展基础研究活动。1995年他获得博士学位后再次加入Materialise主管服务部门。凭着他的积极投入和专业知识,他们已成为全球最重要的3D打印、软件开发商之一,为来自企业、医疗机构、研究机构的客户提供独特的解决方案,满足他们的原型设计、生产、医疗专用耗材等不同需要。


Bart Van der Schueren


Bart Van der Schueren joined the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium in 1990 as the liaison officer for Materialise, then a newly established additives manufacturer, and he set up its basic research activities there. In 1995, he joined Materialise to run its service bureau. His dedication and expertise have since built it into one of the world's top additive manufacturers and a provider of innovative software solutions for the prototyping, production, and medical needs of its many customers in the corporate, healthcare and research fields.

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