Eric Brockmeyer

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Eric Brockmeyer

Eric Brockmeyer

Eric Brockmeyer是位擅长数码加工、实体互动和参数化设计的设计师。他在科尔比学院修读物理和艺术,其后进入鲍尔州立大学攻读建筑硕士,期间他兼在校内的数码加工学院担任研究员,再后来,他在卡内基梅隆大学(CMU)获得了实体互动设计学硕士学位。在CMU时他专注研究3D打印、互动加工、互动投射、以有机物料混合照明和轻触感应技术等等多种研究。Brockmeyer现时在位于匹兹堡的迪士尼研究院互动部门担任副研究员,专责开发Printed Optics、Papillon等崭新技术。同时,他亦在母校CMU的建筑学院任教数码媒体课程。


Eric Brockmeyer


Eric Brockmeyer is a designer specializing in digital fabrication, tangible interaction, and parametric design. He studied Physics and Art at Colby College then attended Ball State University's Master of Architecture program where he worked as a fellow at the Institute for Digital Fabrication. He was a Masters of Tangible Interaction Design Student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). At CMU he focused on additive manufacturing, interactive fabrication, interactive projections, and organic materials integrated with lighting and touch sensing technologies. Eric now works as a Research Associate at Disney Research Pittsburgh's Interaction Group where develops various interactive projects including Printed Optics and Papillon while teaching Digital Media in the School of Architecture at CMU.

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