Isabel Van Haute

Isabel Van Haute

Isabel Van Haute

Isabel Van Haute和Thomas Coldefy是Coldefy & Associés Architectes Urbanistes (CAAU)的年轻拍档,这家工作室的总部设于法国里尔,成员来自全球多国。他们的活力和创造力,加上朝气勃勃的国际视野,使得在全球性的大型比赛上屡获成功,例如香港知专设计学院的项目,便促使他们在香港设立办公室。



Isabel Van Haute


Isabel Van Haute and Thomas Coldefy are the young duo of Coldefy & Associés Ar32chitectes Urbanistes (CAAU), leading the diverse international team based in Lille, France. Their dynamism, creativity and international tropism drive them to participate regularly in large international competitions around the world and brought them success, including the Hong Kong Design Institute, which motivated them to create their Hong Kong office.

The firm distinguishes itself with an open and innovative spirit; their project method employs extreme consideration to the site, an urban culture concerned with the appropriate density and diversity, as well as a conceptualization process where the various project factors are brought together to the point of overlap.

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