Danny Venlet

Danny Venlet

Danny Venlet

生于澳洲的Danny Venlet,在比利时建筑艺术学院修读室内设计,毕业后返回澳洲展开设计师生涯,不久后即便以悉尼Burdekin酒店、连锁夜店Q酒吧等室内装潢项目扬名国际。他的得奖室内设计项目包罗万有,私人大宅、住宅单位、酒吧、餐厅、小物和家具,他都有所涉猎。Venlet的室内和家具设计富含当代跨国界风格,他则认为自己的作品是艺术、雕塑和功能性融和后的产物。


Danny Venlet


Born in Australia, Danny Venlet studied interior design at the Institute for Architecture and Arts in Belgium. Returning to Australia, he attracted international attention with his interior projects, such as the Burdekin Hotel in Sydney and Q-bars, an Australian chain of nightclubs. Today, his award-winning design work ranges from private mansions, offices, bars and restaurants to small objects and furniture. Characterized by a contemporary international style, his designs arise from an interaction between art, sculpture and function.

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