Daan Roosegaarde

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Daan Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegaarde

无论是时装抑或建筑项目,Daan Roosegaarde跟设于鹿特丹和上海的Studio Roosegaarde工作室内的设计师、工程师,一直致力研究各种创新的互动技术和设计,以探索人和空间、科技的动态关系。著名作品包括Dune、Intimacy、Smart Highway和Sustainable Dance Floor等。Roosegaarde曾膺多个设计奖项,作品也曾于英国泰特现代美术馆、维多利亚-艾伯特博物馆、东京国立博物馆等地展出。


Daan Roosegaarde


In projects ranging from fashion to architecture, Daan Roosegaarde and the designers and engineers at Studio Roosegaarde in Rotterdam and Shanghai create interactive and social designs that explore relationships between space, people, and technology inrenowned projects,such as Dune, Intimacy, Smart Highway and Sustainable Dance Floor. He has won numerous design awards, and his work has been exhibited at the Tate Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the National Museum in Tokyo, and other venues.

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