Charles Kaisin

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Charles Kaisin

Charles Kaisin

比利时建筑师、设计师Charles Kaisin是使用回收物料创作可持续和当代设计的先驱,曾获多家国际著名品牌之托,为他们设计产品,也曾分别在Val Saint Lambert、Hermann Miller出任艺术总监和项目经理。曾经在香港知专设计学院担任客席讲师的他,目前则在布鲁塞尔圣卢克高等建筑学院任教设计。


Charles Kaisin


Belgian Architect and Designer Charles Kaisin is a pioneer in using recycled materials to create sustainable and contemporary design. He has been commissioned to create products by well-known brands, and he has worked as the Art Director at Val Saint Lambert and as a Project Manager for Hermann Miller. He has been a Guest Lecturer at the Hong Kong Design Institute, and he is currently a Design Teacher at the Institut Supérieur d'Architecture Saint-Luc.

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