Paul Hekkert

Paul Hekkert

Paul Hekkert

Paul Hekkert

Paul Hekkert是荷兰代尔夫特科技大学工业设计系系主任、形态理论教授及设计美学小组主席,主要研究产品以何种模式影响人类的经验和行为。2011年,荷兰科学基金会向他提供VICI科研奖金,以资助他研究一套统一的美学模型(UMA)。UMA是史上最大规模的美学研究计划,多家国际学术机构亦有参与其中,当中包括墨尔本斯威本科技大学。

Hekkert曾在多本国际知名的杂志发表关于美学、产品体验的文章,亦为Design and Emotion: The experience of everyday things(2004年)及Product Experience(2008年)等设计书籍的联合编辑。后来,他跟Matthijs van Dijk联合撰写了Vision in Design: A guidebook for innovators(2011年),书中阐述了他对已广泛应用于教育和工业的设计、创新手法的观点。同时他兼任多项公职:The Design and Emotion Society联合创办人、CRISP执行董事会主席(CRISP为荷兰一家全国性创意工业联合研究机构)、以及荷兰创意局的成员。


Paul Hekkert


Paul Hekkert is full professor of form theory, and head of the Industrial Design department, where he also chairs the design aesthetics group. Paul conducts research on the ways products impact human experience and behavior. In 2011 he received a VICI grant from the Dutch Science foundation (NWO) to develop a Unified Model of Aesthetics (UMA). The UMA project is likely the largest research program on aesthetics ever conducted; it involves close collaboration with Swinburne University (Melbourne) in addition to a number of international partners.

Paul has published articles dealing with product experience and aesthetics in major international journals, and is co-editor of Design and Emotion: The experience of everyday things (2004) and Product experience (2008). Together with Matthijs van Dijk, he published Vision in Design: A guidebook for innovators (2011), a book that describes an approach to design and innovation that has been widely applied in both education and industry.  
Paul is co-founder and chairman of the Design and Emotion society, chairman of the executive board of CRISP, a national collaborative research initiative for and with the Dutch creative industries, and member of the Dutch Creative Council.

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