And then, one thousand years of peace - 2013 Next Wave Festival

2013-11-07 19:30 - 2013-11-09 21:10

And then, one thousand years of peace - 2013 Next Wave Festival

When: 7-9 Nov 2013 Thu-Sat 19:30
Where: Peter Jay Sharp Building/BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

And then, one thousand years of peace


Sensual, dramatic, and daring is the world of choreographer Angelin Preljocaj, a sought-after master provocateur whose works have ranged from an erotic Snow White, featuring costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier, to a commission for New York City Ballet set to music by John Cage. For this work, Preljocaj offers an epic encounter with the end of the world, exploring the apocalypse as a revelation of the deepest truths of our being. Electronic music by influential DJ Laurent Garnier, mixed with samples of Beethoven, and a dramatic staging by renowned artist Subodh Gupta set the mood. Alternating between intense, slashing gestures and classical ballet, the 21 dancers of Ballet Preljocaj evoke the visions of life and death, calm and chaos, that have long kept us clamoring for redemption.

And then, one thousand years of peace

Ballet Preljocaj
Choreography by Angelin Preljocaj
Music by Laurent Garnier
Set design by Subodh Gupta
Costume design by Igor Chapurin
Lighting design by Cécile Giovansili-Vissière


Other activities arranged
Nov 8, Master Class: Ballet Preljocaj


RUN TIME: 1hr 40min

And then, one thousand years of peace

Next Wave Festival
Next Wave Festival, organized by Brooklyn Academy of Music, BAM, is globally one of the most significant art festivals. It invites world-class artists such as Pina Bausch, Philip Glass, Peter Brook releasing their original works, witnesses boldly and innovative performances, and focuses on avant garde art programs. 2013 Next Wave Festival (BAM 2013 Next Wave Festival) will be helded during 17 September to 22 December, 2013.


Tickets: $20-55
Tel: 001-718-6364100
Add: 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, America


*Information provided by 2013 Next Wave Festival

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