21c Liederabend, op. 3 - 2013 Next Wave Festival

2013-11-22 19:30 - 2013-11-23 21:30

21c Liederabend, op. 3 - 2013 Next Wave Festival

When: Fri-Sat 22-23 November, 2013 19:30
Where: BAM Harvey Theater

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Co-commissioned and co-produced by Beth Morrison Projects and VisionIntoArt


The art-song recital is given fresh new life in the 21c Liederabend festival. Over the course of two evenings-with each featuring a distinct, dynamic program-video artists and lighting designers are paired with luminaries from the New York and international new-music scenes.

Boasting 10 world premieres, the festival-which played to sold-out audiences in its last two incarnations-showcases performances by NOVUS NY, the Choir of Trinity Wall Street, and a host of top soloists. The Friday lineup (Program 1) includes songs by Missy Mazzoli, Ted Hearne, Mohammed Fairouz, David T. Little, Marie Incontrera, Eric Whitacre, Tod Machover, and more. On Saturday (Program 2), hear Anna Clyne's commissioned vocal work The Lost Thought; Judd Greenstein's My City: Mannahatta, featuring animation by Joshua Frankel; Paola Prestini's Hubble Cantata; works by Nico Muhly and Julian Wachner; and much more. Full lineups listed below.


Creative direction by Beth Morrison and Paola Prestini
Music direction by Julian Wachner
Scenic and lighting design by Maruti Evans
Projection design by S. Katy Tucker


Program 1-Friday night
Composers: Paola Prestini, Tom Cipullo, David Handler, Huang Ruo, Eric Whitacre, Aleksandra Vrebalov, Missy Mazzoli, Tod Machover, Du Yun, Marie Incontrera, Mohammed Fairouz, Ted Hearne, and David T. Little

Featured performers: Christopher Burchett, David Adam Moore, Daisy Press, Min Xiao-fen, Trinity Choir, Anne-Carolyn Bird, Sarah Heaton, Lauren Worsham, Jessica Rivera, Tyrone Chambers, Timur Bekbosunov, Peter Tantsits, Marnie Breckenridge, and Netsayi & Black Pressure


Program 2-Saturday night
Composers: Paola Prestini, Thomas Cabaniss, Christopher Cerrone, Eric Whitacre, Judd Greenstein (with new animation by Joshua Frankel), Anna Clyne (Festival Commission), Nico Muhly, Julian Wachner, Olga Neuwirth, and Michel Van der Aa

Featured performers: Jessica Rivera, Amelia Watkins, Daisy Press, Trinity Choir, DM Stith, Trio Medieval, Timur Bekbosunov, Christopher Burchett, Rachel Calloway, Marnie Breckenridge, and Netsayi & Black Pressure




The Next Wave Festival
Next Wave Festival, organized by Brooklyn Academy of Music, BAM , is globally one of the most significant art festivals. It invites world-class artists such as Pina Bausch, Philip Glass, Peter Brook releasing their original works, witnesses boldly and innovative performances, and focuses on avant garde art programs. 2013 Next Wave Festival (BAM 2013 Next Wave Festival) will be helded during 17 September to 22 December, 2013.


Tickets: $20-45
Tel: 001-718-6364100
Add: 651 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, America


*Information provided by 2013 Next Wave Festival



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