Hans was Heiri - 2013 Next Wave Festival

2013-10-23 19:30 - 2013-10-26 20:50

Hans was Heiri - 2013 Next Wave Festival

When: 23-26 Oct 2013 Wed-Sat 19:30
Where: BAM Harvey Theater

Hans was Heiri


In this trailblazing work directed by the inventive Swiss duo Zimmermann & de Perrot, seven performers inhabit a topsy-turvy world where, at any moment, the ceiling can become a floor, a floor can become a wall, and a door can become a chasm.

A gigantic, rotating four-room box is the dizzying place where these loose-limbed actors, dancers, and acrobats dodge falling furniture and tumble their way to acrobatic virtuosity, always with impeccable timing. Conceived by choreographer Martin Zimmermann and composer Dimitri de Perrot, who performs his ecstatic original score, Hans was Heiri offers a hilarious portrait of human relationships conveyed through a witty scenic language all its own.

Hans was Heiri

Concept, direction and stage design by Zimmermann & de Perrot
Composition by Dimitri de Perrot
Choreography by Martin Zimmermann
Dramaturgy by Sabine Geistlich
Decor by Ingo Groher, Christiane Voth, and Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne
Costumes by Franziska Born
Lighting design by Ursula Degen
Sound design by Andy Neresheimer


-RUN TIME: 1hr 20min

Hans was Heiri

"…part-acrobatics, part-dance and part-slapstick show with a freewheeling feel…"
-London Evening Standard


Other activities arranged
22,Oct Classes: Circus & Theater by Zimmermann & de Perrot: Character
24,Oct On Contemporary Circus
25,Oct Circus & Theater by Zimmermann & de Perrot: Movement

Hans was Heiri

The Next Wave Festival
Next Wave Festival, organized by Brooklyn Academy of Music, BAM , is globally one of the most significant art festivals. It invites world-class artists such as Pina Bausch, Philip Glass, Peter Brook releasing their original works, witnesses boldly and innovative performances, and focuses on avant garde art programs. 2013 Next Wave Festival (BAM 2013 Next Wave Festival) will be helded during 17 September to 22 December, 2013.


Tickets: $25-75
Tel: 001-718-6364100
Add: 651 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY


*Information provided by 2013 Next Wave Festival

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