2013 John Duva China Tour Wuhan Station

2013-10-23 21:00 - 23:59

2013 John Duva China Tour Wuhan Station

When: 23 Oct 2013 Wed 21:00

John Duva

2013年瑞典车库朋克John Duva中国巡演武汉站

JOHN DUVA is a band from Åre in northern Sweden; a place where they've lived and played together for a long time. Lately, the band moved south, to the archipelagos of Stockholm.

John Duva

They are all traveling from different cities in Sweden to meet up and play on the island of Yxlan, Stockholm, pretty much all the time! With an attitude and a burning passion, they meet up to play and to dispose the frustration of waking up and wasting their time with routines and everyday jobs. This is the main factor for their inspiration, and the heart of their music; to break free from standard living and create a reality of their own which consists of music and pure energy. JOHN DUVA is band that you don't categorize, simply because of the variated impressions they use in their music and lyrics. Think The Hives meets King Khan & The Shrines, combined with garage, punk & psych, and you might be on your way of getting the picture!


Price:40/30 RMB
Tel: 027-87596030
Add: Everbright Bank Building, beside Guoguang, Lumo Road 118, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei


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