SongOfferings 2013 @ Darjeeling MusicLand - 2013 HK People's Fringe Festival

2013-11-30 20:00 - 2013-12-01 16:40

SongOfferings 2013 @ Darjeeling MusicLand - 2013 HK People's Fringe Festival

When: 30 Nov 2013 Sat 20:00; 1 Dec Sun 15:00
Where: Theatre π

SongOfferings 2013



An original composition concert presented by anandosiddhi, Yip Herman and Ho Shan Shan, three local composers whose styles differ vastly. Yip Herman's music is enthusiastic and aesthetic; Ho Shan Shan is Implicit and Minimalistic, while anandosiddhi is Spiritual and Religious. A wide range of Instrumentation can be found in this 140-minute program including Classical, ethnic and Multi-Media. All music shows its power in emotion, creativity and expression, resonating the composers' souls.


Darjeeling MusicLand
Darjeeling MusicLand is a Centre for music education, rehearsal and production in Kwun Tong, founded by Cecilia and anandosiddhi. Over years, the Centre gathers various composers and artists making music in all seasons. It is also the very camp and way-place for the comrades and the great friends from all walks of life.


Tips: Duration-100 minutes


Price: $100/$50* (Secondary School Special)
Tel: 852-97218730
Add: Rm G, 7/F Heng Seng Industrial Buliding, 185-187 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


*Information provided by HK People's Fringe Festival

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