Humming Dialogues - 2013 HK People's Fringe Festival

2013-11-23 16:00 - 2013-12-01 17:00

Humming Dialogues - 2013 HK People's Fringe Festival

When: 23 - 24 Nov, 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2013 Sat - Sun 16:00
Where: TC2 Café & Workshop

Humming Dialogues



Argentine tango is an improvised partner dance, in which dance partners communicate with each other purely by their body movements from the invitation to dance to the end. Inspired by such a silent communication, choreographer Mimi Lo explores the possibility of modern dance as non-verbal communications in her latest modern dance work "Humming Dialogues." There will be a mini-milonga (tango dance party) after each performance. Snacks and drinks are available to audience. Stay and join us!


Price: $150/75* (* Senior Citizens & Students)
Tel: 852-62000826
Address: G/F, 23 Cedar Street, Prince Edward, Kowloong, Hong Kong


*Information provided by HK People's Fringe Festiva

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