Layer Code - The 10th Guangdong Dance Festival

2013-11-12 20:00 - 21:00

Layer Code - The 10th Guangdong Dance Festival

When : 12th November 2013
Where : No.13 Theater

Layer Code


SANG Ji-Jia imaginatively looks for the layers between virtual world and real world to philosophically examine the possibility of humans reliving the past all over again: the virtual reality prevails nowadays, where people can erase the past record by one simple press of a button. What if this life is real? Could the accumulation of the past experience of the real world be started all over again? The motion and emotion, while repeated, be the same as those before the reboot?

Layer Code

Company : BeijingDance/LDTX
Choreographer : SANG Ji-Jia
Lighting : Godzilla TAN
Musice : Dickson DEE
Video : Adrian YEUNG
Costume : WANG Yan
Dancers : LI Yue, TANG Ting-ting, LIU Yin-tao, XIE Xin, XIE Yong-chao, LI Ke-hua, ZI Wei, ZHAXIWANGJIA, QIAN Kun, HU Shen-yuan, ADIYA, GUO Wei, GAO Yang.

Layer Code

SANG Ji-Jia, an ethnic Tibetan born in Gansu Province, graduated from College of Dance, Minzu University of China. Over the past years SANG became a critically acclaimed and internationally renowned choreographer. His works were presented in Asia, Europe, America and Australia, including Sticks, Unspeakable, As if to Nothing, Standing Before Darkness and Layer Code. He is currently the Resident Artist of BeijingDance/LDTX.

Layer Code

BeijingDance / LDTX
Founded in September 2005 by Willy TSAO and LI Han-zhong, BeijingDance/LDTX is China’s first professional dance company founded independently from the government. Under the artistic direction of Willy TSAO and deputy artistic director LI Han-zhong, the company boasts an ensemble with technically exquisite dancers. With a new generation of artists in China, BeijingDance/LDTX is a platform for creativity and serves as both a leader and a catalyst for the contemporary culture and the modern dance appreciation movement. The company has toured extensively all over the world.


Price : 350/200/120RMB
Tel : 020-87258626
Add : The new two Shaheding 13th Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangzhou


*Information provided by The Guangdong Modern Dance Festival

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