Micro-visionary - The 10th Guangdong Dance Festival

2013-11-09 19:30 - 21:30

Micro-visionary - The 10th Guangdong Dance Festival

When : 9th November 2013
Where : Friendship Theater



Micro-visionary is a highly physical work that explores the abstract inner self of being. Choreographer LIU Qi, a recognized and award winning choreographer, is known for her powerful and intricate choreographic style. Zooming in and out of the many dissected angles of life situations, an emotional landscape filled with solitude, risk, harmony and tension is gradually unfolded.


Company : Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Choreographer : LIU Qi
Dancers : YU Li-jun, ZHANG Cong-bin, LI Pian-pian, LIU Qing-yu, LAI Ka Bo, WU Hui, YU Ya-nan, XIAO Zhi-ren, ZHAO Jian-rui, MA Ke, HU Teng-teng, LI Sheng-xiong, HE Min.


Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Guangdong Modern Dance Company, founded in 1992, is mainland China’s first professional modern dance company. Based in one of the most vigorous regions in China, the company has attracted some of the most talented and daring artists in China. Works created by its dancers, resident choreographers, artistic directors and international guest artists have won critical acclaim and overwhelming audience responses around the world. The company tours extensively to many countries and regions in North America, Europe and Asia.


graduated at Beijing Dance Academy. She has been a lecturer, dancer, artistic master, choreographer and deputy artistic director in her almost 20 years of dance career. She joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 1996 and has created many award winning modern dance works for the company. Her works have been presented in major arts festivals and theatres throughout the world. In 2006, she was awarded Century Star by the Guangdong government for her outstanding achievements in the art. Liu is currently resident choreographer of the Guangdong Modern Dance Company.


Price : 680/350/200/120RMB
Tel : 020-86668991
Add : No. 696 Renmin Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province


*Information provided by the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival

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