Maja Borg

Maja Borg

Maja Borg

Maja Borg出生于瑞典Norrköping。她既作为一名视觉艺术家在国际上获奖,又是一位主攻纪录片、故事片和试验电影的导演。她在欧洲、亚洲、中东和美国进行着自己的电影事业,也为Channel 4和瑞典电视台拍摄影片。2006年,Maja毕业于爱丁堡艺术学院的电影与电视专业。她现居于苏格兰的格拉斯哥。《我爱的未来》是她的首部纪录长片。

Maja Borg was born in Norrköping, Sweden and is an internationally award-winning visual artist / film director working at the intersection of documentary, fiction and experimental film. She has worked on films in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and USA and made films for Channel 4 & SVT. Maja graduated in Film & TV at Edinburgh College of Art in 2006 and lives in Glasgow. Future My Love is her first feature.   


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