Gunne & Zuckermann (Lebensfreude Records, Berlin) Asia Tour

2013-10-04 (All day) - 2013-10-05 (All day)

Gunne & Zuckermann (Lebensfreude Records, Berlin) Asia Tour

When: 4 Oct 2013 Friday
Where: Dada Shanghai

When: 5 Oct 2013 Saturday
Where: Dada Beijing

Gunne & Zuckermann

The founders and ambassadors of the Lebensfreude spirit, Gunne & Zuckermann are a unique and spontaneous DJ duo that combine to represent the soul of Berlin electronic music. The birth of the label coincides with how the pair originally began collaborating. Having met at the infamous Tresor club in Berlin, they began inspiring one another with their musical ideals which shortly turned into an impromptu tour of South America. During an electrifying performance in a Buenos Aires club, the duo was moved by the crowd's reaction to their unorthodox and unique style. This response was the influential moment that initiated the beginning of Lebensfreude, with the goal being to share the "lust for life" mantra to not only Berlin, but the World.


Music: Berlin Techno, Minimal house


Dada Shanghai
Tel: 15000182212
Add: 115 Xingfu Road, Changning District, Shanghai


Dada Beijing
Tel: 18311080818
Add: No. 206, Room 101, Building B, Gulou East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing


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