I Have a New Band Now

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I Have a New Band Now

 I Have a New Band Now

I Have a New Band Now是由来自德国C-大调萨克斯风演奏家Klaus Bru主创的一支乐队。该乐队汇集了来自比利时的贝斯手Martijn Vanbuel和意大利鼓手Pietro Valente,以三人组合形式重新演绎萨克斯风演奏家Klaus Bru的作品。I Have a New Band Now乐队组建于台湾,三位音乐家都曾在此居住过一段时间。乐队的名字"I Have a New Band Now"即源自于音乐家们,尤其是爵士音乐家常常穿梭于很多不同乐队间即兴表演的事实。

就该乐队表演的音乐风格而言,很难一言以蔽之。当然,他们的音乐中不乏有爵士音乐元素,并伴有摇滚风,同时还有有巴尔干音乐,以及特殊格律下演奏的马戏团曲调,并有加以简单单一的曲调改编的不同民谣,你甚至能够从中追溯到古典音乐的痕迹。三位乐队成员对即兴音乐创作的共同热爱使得多种音乐元素在该乐队的表演中恰到好处的融为一体,三人组合的表演形式也给音乐表演提供了更大的发挥空间。I Have a New Band Now乐队以一种自由和充满刺激的探险的方式共同探索着这一熟悉却又充满期待的音乐领域。

总而言之,I Have a New Band Now乐队的音乐是不同音乐风格的完美融合,充满了电子音乐的新鲜、动感和激情。有些人将他们表演的音乐称为“爵士”,但I Have a New Band Now乐队更愿意简单地称其为“音乐”。


I Have a New Band Now is a project of C-Melody saxophonist Klaus Bru from Germany. He brings togeth-er Belgian bassist Martijn Vanbuel and Italian drummer Pietro Valente to re-interpret his compositions in a trio format.I Have a New Band Now was founded in Taiwan, where each of the band's members has been living for some time. The name "I Have A New Band Now" is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that musicians, in particular jazz musicians, usually play in a dozen bands at once.

I Have a New Band Now

Stylistically, this trio is not easy to pinpoint: There are elements of jazz, of course, and they are placed alongside rock inspired grooves, but there is also Balkan music, experimental circus tunes in odd meters, and spacious ballads with simple, singable melodies, even influences of classical music can be traced. The band members common lust for improvisation merges these diverse elements into one compact sound, and the trio format provides a lot of room between the notes: I Have a New Band Now explores this space in a free and adventurous way, the familiar and the unexpected stand side by side.

In short: The music of I Have a New Band Now is blending the borders between different music styles, it has an electric sound to it, it is fresh, intense, and passionate. Some people like to call it "jazz", butI Have a New Band Now themselves would rather just call it "music".

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