Zoro Babel

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Zoro Babel

 Zoro Babel

Zoro Babel出生于1967年德国的Bavaria。在1975年到1983年间他跟随着他父母(德国最早期Kraut Rock代表乐队)四处表演。1983和1984年,他参加了纽约伍德斯托克Creative Music工作室开设的夏季课程。随后与Markus和Simon Stockhausen一起开始了巡回演唱会。他的第一份工作是在剧场。

1988年,他与其他人一起组建了Kairos组合。1990,他组建了Focus Pocus乐队。从1988年起,他开始为电影创作主题曲,值得强调的是其与澳洲电影人Lisi Frischengruber的合作。从1991年开始,他与Alexei Sagerer开张了众多项目计划,比如担任Josef Anton Riedl的音乐与技术助理等。他还与Michael Lentz合作,组织了许多关于新音乐与声音艺术的音乐节。从1996年起,Babel将铁箱装置制作成为乐器,并频繁在各类音乐与艺术节上进行演出。他也开始成为许多现代音乐项目的总监,并且获得了慕尼黑音乐奖。

Zoro Babel

Zoro Babel也是一名优秀的先锋鼓手,出版过许多唱片,中国的资深ECM爵士乐迷应该记得他跟Markus Stockhausen、Gary Peacock、Fabrizio Ottaviucci等人合作的《Cosi Lontano…Quasi Dentro》,那是他早期的作品。


Zoro was born in 1967 in Upper Bavaria, Peter churches. Between 1975 and 1983 he performed with the group Anima Musica. He attended the summer sessions of the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, NY from 1983 to 1984. This was followed by concert tours with Markus and Simon Stockhausen and first work for the theater.

Zoro Babel

In 1988, Babel together with the other group Kairos, 1990 he co-founded the band Focus Pocus. Since 1988, he produced film scores, notably in cooperation with the Austrian filmmaker Lisi Frischengruber; Babel works since 1991 in numerous projects with Alexei Sagerer and - as a musical and technical assistant - for Josef Anton Riedl. In collaboration with Michael Lentz created compositions of music and language. Babel appeared at various festivals for new music and sound art festivals since 1996, metal lockers, which he transformed into musical instruments. He took over the sound director for various projects of contemporary music and was awarded the Music Prize of the city of Munich.

Zoro Babel is also an excellent avant-garde drummer. He has published many records. Senior jazz fans of ECM should remember this one - Cosi Lontano... Quasi Dentro, which is his early works by cooperating with Markus Stockhausen, Gary Peacock, Fabrizio Ottaviucci…

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