《And He Kissed My Soul》-亚洲当代艺术展(秋季)2013


《And He Kissed My Soul》-亚洲当代艺术展(秋季)2013

And He Kissed My Soul

And He Kissed My Soul
@Fabrik Contemporary Art

亚洲当代艺术展(秋季)2013(Asia Contemporary Art Show Fall 2013)

菲律宾著名雕塑家Daniel Dela Cruz在工业设计范畴取得非凡成就,在40岁时开始雕塑生涯。Daniel Dela Cruz的作品贯彻个人创作及工艺哲学,以妇女及母亲作为其作品的主要题材。Daniel Dela Cruz善长把其最钟情的黄铜添加于其他金属材料之中,亲手打造、雕刻、焊接和造形每一件作品。由于铸造时不会铸模,因此每一件作品均是唯一及独特的。Daniel Dela Cruz的作品亦曾在菲律宾、香港和新加坡展出,反应热烈,并将由Fabrik Contemporary Art于亚洲当代艺术展展出(酒店房间2903)。


And He Kissed My Soul


Renowned Filipino sculptor Daniel Dela Cruz took up sculpture when he turned 40, after a successful career in industrial design. With the freedom to explore his philosophy and craft, Daniel chose women and motherhood as his main themes. He developed techniques to work with his favourite material brass - accented with other metals. All pieces are hand hammered, carved, welded and sculpted - no casts are made, and hence every piece is individual and unique. Daniel has held sold-out exhibitions in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore, and is represented at the Asia Contemporary Art Show by Fabrik Contemporary Art (Room 2903).

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