《Watermelon Girl》-亚洲当代艺术展(秋季)2013


《Watermelon Girl》-亚洲当代艺术展(秋季)2013

Watermelon Girl

Watermelon Girl
@AO Vertical Art Space

亚洲当代艺术展(秋季)2013(Asia Contemporary Art Show Fall 2013)

荒木经惟被誉为日本最多产的摄影师,目前为止已出版超过350本摄影书籍。荒木经惟1940出生于东京,十二岁时父亲送赠他人生第一部相机,由此便展开了他的摄影生涯。他的照片纪录了日本的色情工业,且以东京的新宿地区为他的主要摄影地方。荒木经惟的作品曾于全球多个个人展览、艺术馆和画廊中展出。荒木经惟的作品将会由AO Vertical Art Space展出,艺术家本人更会在酒店房间2901与大家见面。


Watermelon Girl


Nobuyoshi Araki is considered to be Japan's most prolific photographer, having published over 350 books of photography. He was born in Tokyo in 1940, and was given his first camera by his father at 12 years of age - and has been taking pictures ever since! He is best known for his photos documenting the Japanese sex industry, focusing on Tokyo's Shinjuku district. His works have been shown in numerous solo exhibitors and in museums and galleries worldwide, and he will be represented at the Asia Contemporary Art Show by AO Vertical Art Space in Room 2901.

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