New Ink: Chapter 1

2013-08-31 15:00 - 2013-10-31 18:00

New Ink: Chapter 1

When: Aug 31 - Oct 31, 2013
Where: Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery
Opening: Aug 31, 2013 Sat 15:00

 Chapter 1


Curator: Tiffany Beres
Artists: Hao Shiming, Huang Dan, Li Tingting, Peng Jian, Qin Ai, Xu Hualing, Yu Jidong


Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery is pleased to present its new exhibition "New Ink: Chapter 1". The exhibition will feature contemporary Chinese ink works by seven young Chinese artists. This exhibition seeks to give a subjective survey of young ink artists in China. Throughout two thousand years of history, ink painting has continually evolved and adapted on its own terms, with new modes of expression using the quintessential Chinese media of ink, brush and paper. Born after the 1970s, each of these young ink artists has made a conscientious decision to adopt and develop his or her unique artistic style within the realm of ink painting, assimilating both modern and archaic elements. Collectively, and yet individually, these selected young artists have each discovered ways of capturing the essence and spirit of the ink tradition while pushing the medium forward with his or her distinctive brush touch. This is the first exhibition of a series featuring Chinese ink artists presented by the gallery.

Work by Li Tingting

Work by Li Tingting

Hao Shiming
Born in 1977 in Shandong Province, Hao Shiming is known for his ink compositions where he literally constructs or deconstructs his subjects using double-lined painted threads. At once a commentary on lines, the fundamental element of all brush painting, as well as tradition and identity, Hao weaves together and reinvents ink painting's expression with his use of this visual metaphor.


Huang Dan
Born in 1979 in Guangxi Province, Huang Dan's unadorned and minimalistic compositions are a combination of traditional ink painting techniques and modernist painting concepts. Playing with the viewer's sense of perception, the artist alters her painting's depth of field with the use of ink and color planes and washes, revealing new levels of interpretive meaning.

Work by Qin Ai

Work by Qin Ai

Li Tingting
Born in 1982 in Shanxi Province, Li Tingting's watery ink compositions are at once modernistic and personal. With a monochromatic palette, the artist sensually depicts everyday objects - each stylized vision provides an interesting commentary on contemporary consumer culture as well as modern Chinese and Western aesthetics.


Peng Jian
Born in 1982 in Hunan Province, Peng Jian eschews traditional Chinese landscape painting in order to capture the emotional qualities of China's urban environment. The artist assimilates the traditional ruler-painting approach with modern still lifes and cityscapes, transforming his artworks into meticulous yet abstract manifestations of our contemporary world.

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Work by Peng Jian Work by Xu Hualing Work by Yu Jidong
Work by Peng Jian Work by Xu Hualing Work by Yu Jidong


Qin Ai
Born in 1973 in Jiangsu Province, Qin Ai paints a mysterious inner world with beauty, precision and insight. With her signature hyper-realistic technique, the artist adopts the gongbi (fine-line) style of ink painting to subvert painted reality—each picture plane becomes a stage for her elegantly envisioned, if not surreal, pictorial performances.


Xu Hualing
Born in 1975 in Heilongjiang Province, Xu Hualing explores gender themes in her mixed-media compositions. The female body has always been a rare topic in Chinese painting, especially from a woman's perspective. Using a meticulous gongbi brush technique, artist subtlety transforms her painted layers to depict the mysterious, ineffable qualities of womanhood and sexuality.


Yu Jidong
Born in 1976 in Shandong Province, Yu Jidong is interested in the fundamental qualities of ink painting. Minimalistic and almost scientific in his approach, the artist explores the patterns, gradations, and nuances of the ink medium, as well as its most basic brush mark, the line, in an attempt to capture the most essential properties of ink expression.


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*Information provided by Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery


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