Noughts and Exes Album Release Show

2013-09-14 19:00 - 21:00

Noughts and Exes Album Release Show

When: 14 Sep 2013 Sat 19:00
When: The Vine Centre

Noughts and Exes Album Release Show Poster

Noughts and Exes- The Vine Centre

NOUGHTS & EXES is a critically acclaimed indie folk rock band based in Hong Kong. Formed in stages around front-man Joshua Wong and keyboardist Gideon So, the band consists of an international line-up of musicians. Their second album, "The Start of Us", gained worldwide recognition and saw the band atop many year-end "Best Of 2010" charts. Time Out Magazine named the album one of the "2010 Records of the Year" and the band received similar accolades from Vapor Magazine and CNN. In 2011, TIME Magazine named NOUGHTS & EXES number 2 on its list of the "Top 5 Bands to Watch".


Tickets: $160/180/230/250
Tel: 852-25730793
Add: 29 Burrows Street, 852 Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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