Alchemy of Desire - New Works by Fortes Pakeong Sequeira

2013-09-07 15:00 - 2013-10-27 17:30

Alchemy of Desire - New Works by Fortes Pakeong Sequeira

When: Sep 8 - Oct 27, 2013
Where: AFA Beijing
Opening: Sep 7, 2013 Sat 15:00



Alchemy of Desire: New Works by Fortes Pakeong Sequeira

Artist: Fortes Pakeong Sequeira
Curator: Alice Kwok


"Alchemy of Desire - New Works by Fortes Pakeong Sequeira" will open in AFA Beijing space of 798 art district on September 7th. This is the second solo exhibition of the Macau artist Fortes Pakeong Sequeira in Beijing. It will exhibit his seven big paintings, twelve small drawings and some video works of his recent creations, among which the artist will finish one painting with the form of live drawing from September 7th to 11th.

Pakeong is not a stranger for many art and music lovers in Beijing, he attended Art Beijing and some group and solo exhibitions at AFA Beijing. As the vocalist of Blademark, a heavy metal music band in Macau, he also came to Beijing to have concerts simultaneously. From the childhood, Pakeong showed his interest and talent of drawing. Afterwards, Pakeong started to get in touch with art as an illustrator. His creation became out of control after he had participated several exhibitions, then he confirmed his form as drawing on white canvas with black marker without making draft in advance, it's more like an improvised live drawing. Pakeong's solo exhibition "Soul Out!" which was held in AFA Macau in 2012 can be considered as his divide in creation. Pakeong's painting seems to be an approximate black and white line-drawing world beforehand. Since then, he blended in even some sweet color elements. His creation is mostly improvise, the place that his line reaches is where his emotion extends. In front of spectators, Pakeong's creative behavior is more like artistic performance art. The moment that the black mark touches the white canvas, artist immerses himself into a fascinating world with narcissism or self-torture. It appears that the artist never cares about whether his tiny world can be understood.

"Alchemy of Desire" is a perfecting process towards drawing skills and concept, Pakeong shows his exploration of painting texture, meanwhile, he improves the control ability to the symbol system of his drawing. We can say that Pakeong's art language is a sign system with symbolic meaning. The full female body figures, innocent infants, strange and winding branches in his early black and white canvas, bald matrix, skull, eyeball, blood and vein which appears in his current works constitute a mysterious world which lingers between concrete and abstract. Behind the fantasy, each drawing has a interpretable story. During his creation, just like what the curator Alice Kok said, "The old and the new Self are struggling against each other. The desire to breakthrough from the old pattern is fighting against the unfamiliar feeling of the new ground". The greed, hate and delusion of humanity flounder in body, Those emotional purgatories, hate and love, separation and death, tangling and agonizing which are on show in humanity's heart  every day unfold in Pakeong's painting scroll. Most of his creations are observations to soul and emotion. The deep sense of repression, the pain of being torn, the hideousness of being dissected is what we can feel out of the exquisite form. Obsessing mixed with suffering, love mingling with sadness, half is seawater, half is flame, cleanse and fire every temporal soul. Is not madness, not survival, The creatures which don't suffer Samsara and purgatory, can't become Buddha.


Opening Time: 10:30 - 17:30 (Except Mondays)
Tel: 010-59789625
Add: 706 North First Street, No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing


*Information provided by AFA Beijing.


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