Prometheus Poem of Fire

2013-08-28 19:30 - 22:00

Prometheus Poem of Fire

When: 28 Aug 2013 Wed 19:30-22:00
Where: National Theater Concert Hall

Prometheus Poem of Fire poster


Creator of mankind in Greek mythology, wise and cunning Prometheus spun life out of earth, and stole fire from Mount Olympus for man. Millennia later, Scriabin glimpsed the shifts in music within the colourful shades, and combined his unique interpretation of senses, visual and audio to invoke the "Mystic Chord", raising harmony from discord. Thus enters the eternal mythological world with all its secrets into our new season.

The flute soothes all mortal troubles. It is the brightness concentrated from the phantasmal monotones, from where Debussy used shade and light to illuminate reality and illusion in the music. Let "L'Apres-medi d'un faune" caress your thoughts and herald the prelude of the myths. Enjoy the dramatic tension in Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.5 in E minor, and follow the intricate storyline presented in the four movements. On the opening night of the 2013 season, Artistic advisor Lan Sui teams up with well-known pianist Huseyin Sermet and NTSO to usher in a glamorous wonderland and release the luscious illustrations in the world of music for the new season.


C. Debussy: Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune
A. Scriabin: Prometheus, The Poem of Fire, Op. 60
P. I. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.5 in E minor, Op.64


Conductor: Lan Shui
Piano: Hüseyin Sermet


Price: NTD500/700/900/1200/1600/2000
Tel: 886-2-33221428
Add: 21-1 Chung-Shan S. Road, Taipei, Taiwan


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