Asharpsingers - fullcupmusic

2013-09-08 15:00 - 17:00

Asharpsingers - fullcupmusic

When: 8 Sep 2013 Sun 15:00
Where: Fullcup Cafe



Asharpsingers is one of the earliest a cappella groups established in Hong Kong since its official debut at a Hong Kong Children's Choir recital in 2005. While "A" stands for a cappella, the "sharp" sign (which is made of four plus signs) represents how the "singers" blend their different yet exceptional vocal parts into one soothing harmony. Members of Asharpsingers come from all walks of life and are gathered to deliver uniquely arranged music of popular English and Chinese tunes. Their wide repertoire stems from Pop, Jazz, R&B, and Broadway.

Having performed for 8 years, Asharpsingers is a familiar face in Hong Kong's wedding, corporate, and public show events. They were invited to sing at the exclusive Mastercard Luxury Week Swank Fashion Show and for the grand opening of the world's first art mall K11, where they danced along and put on several vibrant shows. The group was also honoured to have represented Hong Kong in Mainland cities such as Chongqing and Fuzhou for the Style Hong Kong Show organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Shows aside, Asharpsingers have made their voices heard in the mainstream media as well. They were featured in programs at TVB Jade Channel. They also worked with producer Eric Kwok to record backing vocals for Jan Lam's album.

During 2012, with the continued support of friends and followers down the road, the group successfully held its 8th a cappella concert "AS006 Asharpsingers Special Flight".


Tickets: $80 (advance) / 100 (walk-in)
Tel: 852-62793650
Add: 3rd Floor, Hengwei Business Center, 36 Dundas Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong

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