2013 International Animation Festival timetable

2013-07-20 14:30 - 2013-07-31 14:04

2013 International Animation Festival timetable

When: 20-31 Jul 2013
Where: Hong Kong Arts Centre

International Animation Festival 2013


Hong Kong Arts Centre is honoured to present the International Animation Festival 2013 as one of HKACS' core programmes. The Festival takes the audience on a journey of animation through time, walking them through all animated works of wonder from all-time classics to new-age surprises. The renowned Japanese anime master Leiji Matsumoto's iconic trilogy Galaxy Express 999 is unprecedentedly brought to local audience. Another programme that focuses on classic works will pay tribute to the late Ward Kimball, the most notable animator among Disney's Nine Old Men.

He is the creator of many of the fantastic Disney animation characters which are now known to almost every household. Moving on from the glorious past, let's brace for the exciting global hits from the new era. First comes the blast of European animated films that not only have been in the limelight at the Academy Awards and the Berlin International Film Festival, but are also award winners at major animation festivals, including the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France and AnimaFest Zagreb in Croatia.

Coming up next is the swirl of Japanese and Korean animation, which thrills the audience with sensational hand-drawn images and even tries their taste buds with stop motion animation made from noodles, while Taiwanese comic artist Jimmy Liao warms audiences' hearts with his soulful and lively work. Meanwhile, there is a featured collection of new-age German animated works, which, with their humourous and reflective style, say no to the traditional tight-laced image of their culture. Local productions are not to be overlooked, of course. Independent short animated films by local talent from ifva Awards and selected works by the Hong Kong Animation Filmmaker Society will also be featured in one of the programmes. This programme will even offer extra sessions especially reserved for disadvantaged youth, children, elderly and people with disabilities. Hands up if anyone has been missed out!


Programme Schedule


When Where
Master Class: Meeting with the Studio Ghibli's Animator - Takeshi Inamura, the Animation Director of Howl's Moving Castle 20 Jul 2013 Sat 19:00-21:00 Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Galaxy Express 999 Trilogy 20 Jul 2013 Sat, 28 Jul Sun 14:30/17:30/20:30 agnès b., Hong Kong Arts Centre
Walt Disney's Classics: A Tribute to Ward Kimball 21-31 Jul 2013
Animating the World: Programme 1 21 Jul 2013 Sun 19:30
Animating the World: Programme 2 21 Jul 2013 Sun 21:15
German Fun 26 Jul 2013 Fri 21:00
Through a Child's Eyes 27 Jul 2013 Sat 14:30
Asian Independent Animation Shorts Selected from ifva 25 Jul 2013 Thu 19:30
Wild Wild Gen Y 24 Jul 2013 Sat 13:00; 30 Jul Tue 19:30
Best of the HKAFS: Programme 1 23 Jul 2013 Tue 19:30
Best of the HKAFS: Programme 2 27 Jul 2013 Sat 21:15
McDull, Prince de la Bun 25 Jul 2013 Thu 13:00; 27 Jul 2013 Sat 16:30
Animation Workshop Series 20 Jul 2013, 27 Jul Sat; 21 Jul, 28 Jul Sun 14:30-16:30 Eric Hotung Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre


PRESENTED & ORGANIZED: Hong Kong Arts Centre
In Association with: Hong Kong Animation Filmmaker Society
Online Reservation: www.hkaconlineregistration.com/


Programme Enquiry: 852-25820278
Tel: 852-25820200
Add: 2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


*Information provided by Hong Kong Arts Centre

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