Moreno Donadel 莫瑞诺·多纳德

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Moreno Donadel 莫瑞诺·多纳德


莫瑞诺·多纳德(Moreno Donadel),意大利著名爵士钢琴演奏家、作曲家、编曲家。

莫瑞诺·多纳德曾就读于日瓦格音乐学院、帕多瓦市普利尼音乐学院、克莱利音乐学院学习钢琴,师从维也纳的克利斯汀女士。在此期间,他还在塔提尼音乐学院学习乐理与视唱、在克市本沃努狄音乐中心学习单簧管、在巴萨诺迪寄吉礼斯拜音乐学院学习爵士乐。在多年的音乐生涯中,莫瑞诺曾与著名萨克斯演奏家Lee Konitz、爵士歌手Enrica Bacchia合作录制专辑,还曾与著名音乐人Roberto Soffici合作为宝丽金及BMG等唱片公司录制多张CD。

莫瑞诺·多纳德曾获得过蒙特斯瓦诺音乐奖、喀斯特菲达多音乐奖、利卡纳提音乐奖、佩斯卡拉市音乐奖等30多项国际和国内音乐奖项。2007年8月他应邀前往日本与著名吉他手、音乐家Yasutaka Yoshioka 及其乐队“Guitar Moon”联袂演出。此外,他还跟中国的歌手顺子,张惠妹,合作过。



Moreno Donadel is an Italian pianist, composer and arranger. He started to study piano and accordion at the age of 6 with Mr. Rovro Mariano. Since the age of 9, he have been playing piano, keyboard and accordion in several bands. From the age of 9 to 13, he won several national and international music awards. Moreno Donadel also studied clarinet at Benvenuti Music Institute of Conegliano and studied piano at Corelli Music Institute of Vittorio Veneto with Mr. Pasqualis and Ms. Anna Romano Colonna, at Pollini Musical Conservatory of Padova with Ms. Christine Meyr and graduated from Tartini Musical Conservatory of Trieste and Venezze Musical Conservatory of Rovigo. He also studied Jazz piano at Dizzy Gillespie Jazz Music School of Bassano del Grappa with Mr. Marcello Tonolo, Jazz theory with Mr. Paolo Birro and music ensemble with Mr. Roberto Beggio.
Moreno Donadel have worked as an arranger for BMG Recording Company and played Jazz, Latin and Pop music with world famous musicians such as Lee Konitz, Emil Richard, Enrica Bacchia, Francesco Bearzatti, Alberto Negroni, Enrico Granafei, Michelle Endrix, Mark Murphy, Ares Tavolazzi, Massimo Manzi, Bob Mover, David Boato, etc.

In Italy Moreno had a Jazz Trio with bassist Lello Gnesutta and drummer Luca Bortoluzzi. Since 1998, he have been living in Beijing, China and teaching Jazz piano at Beijing Contemporary Music Accademy. In 1999, Moreno started his own Jazz Trio with Chinese bassist and guitarist Liu Yue and Japanese drummer Izumi Koga.And in 2006, Moreno started a new Jazz band with American singer Jessica Meider, Chinese bassist Da Zhong and Chinese drummer Bei Bei. In August 2007, Moreno was invited to Japan and performed with the famous Japanese guitarist Yasutaka Yoshioka and his band "Guitar Moon".   


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