The Messy but Endlessly Delightful Yee Chau-shui - Morning Matinee

2013-07-05 11:00 - 2013-07-26 13:00

The Messy but Endlessly Delightful Yee Chau-shui - Morning Matinee

When: Fri 5-26 Jul, 2013 11am
Where: The Hong Kong Film Archive, Cinema

New White Golden Dragon Still

New White Golden Dragon Still


Best recognised for his bumbling yet largely good-hearted characters, Yee Chau-shui (1904-1955) was one of the most popular comedians in Hong Kong cinema. Fondly nicknamed as the “Oriental Chaplin”, Yee gave delightfully messy performances in comic roles, from the working class everyman to the hilarious cross-dresser, and was always an attraction.

With years of experience in Cantonese opera, Yee offered a humorous singing style and eccentric body movements that often stole the show from the leading stars. Apart from being the comic highlight in the wide range of films he took part in, he was also widely known amongst colleagues including comedian Ko Lo-chuen for his benevolence.

In “New White Golden Dragon”, Yee plays Sit Kok-sin’s servant, who helps his master to win love with some well-timed slapstick and mime-like movements. “Flower Girl” retains the spirit of the tramp in this remake of Chaplin’s classic “City Lights” as he plays the kind-hearted vagrant who helps the blind flower girl Hung Sin Nui.

In “Lucky Gathering”, the two tenants Cheung Ying and Hung Sin Nui begin a romance while posing as rich folks to each other. Yee spices up the film with his hilarious acting as the amiable henpecked landlord. In the farcical comedy “Turning Upside Down”, Yee steals the show by playing the bumbling buddy of Cheung Ying, and is stuck between a pair of twin brothers and their mistaken identities.

All films are in Cantonese without subtitles. “The Morning Matinee” series is guest-curated by film researcher Yuen Tsz-ying.


When Film
5 Jul 2013 Fri 11:00 New White Golden Dragon
12 Jul 2013 Fri 11:00 Flower Girl
19 Jul 2013 Fri 11:00 Lucky Gathering
26 Jul 2013 Fri 11:00 Turning Upside Down


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